The Best FPV Videos in July + New Compatibility Features

The best FPV videos we saw in July

The Best FPV Videos in July + New Compatibility Features

Happy almost-August pilots! In this issue, we rounded up the best FPV videos we saw in July, check them out!

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Single-Take at the World's Largest Indoor Go-Kart Track

Troncat beautifully captures the scale of this massive go-kart track. We're suckers for videos like these. They look so simple, but are really works of art and incredibly difficult to pull off 🏎

FPV Drone Chases Mountain Biker Rémy Métallier

We've seen some cool FPV bike chases, but Gabriel Kocher takes it to another level by capturing this jaw-dropping riding by Rémy Métallier 🚴‍♀️

Single-take at an Indoor Adventure Park

Y'all know we love choreographed single-takes. This one by Hellinger FPV caught our eyes and definitely a pilot on the rise to follow 🧗🏼‍♀️

Vanover Flies Under a SailGP Boat

Does a month go by without Vanover releasing some fire? This time, off the San Francisco Bay, Vanover takes a cinelifter under a moving SailGP boat ⛵️

Mountain Climbing Choreography

Sebastian Schieren captures a beautiful mountain sequence for Silva Outdoor Gear 🧗

Flow through a Sunflower Field

Rimzler flies low and fast through a sunflower field during a golden hour sunset 🌻

FPV Tour of a Indonesian Resort

We love these choreographed one-shots of hotel suites 🏊‍♀️

FPV Drone Chases Experimental Planes

Nikolay Anishchenko (nikofilmz) chases a trio of Van's Aircraft RV-15 🛫

FPV Drone Chases a Rocket Launch

You read that right, nikofilmz, with a double hitter in July, chases a straight up rocket launch 🚀

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