QuadPartPicker Changelog 1.2 - FPV Parts Compatibility

QuadPartPicker adds compatibility features! Our builder tool now directs you to compatible parts and tells you if parts are incompatible.

QuadPartPicker Changelog 1.2 - FPV Parts Compatibility

Firstly, thank you all for all the support, feedback, and encouragement as we develop QuadPartPicker. We've been live for over 2 months now, and we are ecstatic with the response from the FPV community. You day-ones are forever in our hearts. You know who you are! QPP has been a labor of love for our team and we want to continue to make this tool as useful as possible for all quad builders and pilots.

In our latest update 1.2, we've added compatibility features. Below, we'll show you what we've done and what to expect.

1.2 - Parts compatibility

You wanted it, you're getting it! The most recurring feedback since our launch was to add compatibility features. You wanted to know whether parts in your list are compatible with each other. QuadPartPicker v1 allowed you to filter down for the right parts. We've taken this one step further to provide compatibility guidelines based on the parts in your build list.

This latest update has two new additions:

  • By default, if parts are in your build list already, when you browse for other parts, only compatible parts will be shown. You can select Clear to remove the filters
  • In the build list, you will now see compatibility, considerations, and guideline notes based on the parts in your list

In this version, we are comparing:

  • Quad Size - Frame size, propeller size, and motor stator size are compared. This table demonstrates how products are shown by default:
  • Mount Size - Frame, flight controller, and ESC mount sizes are compared. VTX mounts aren't currently compared because many VTXs are mounted separate of the FC / ESC stack. We also currently do not check for multiple mounts on a frame.
  • FPV Camera Size - Frame and FPV camera sizes are compared. Note that not all frames have FPV mount size data. In these scenarios, all FPV cameras are shown.
  • Antenna Connector - VTX antenna and antenna connectors are compared
Frame Size Prop Size Motor Stator Size
2.5in or smaller <2.5in, 2.5in - 3.5in 0505 - 1306
3in 2.5in - 3.5in 1404 - 2204
4in 4in 1404 - 2204
5in 5in 2205 - 2318
6in+ 6in+ 2405+
Frame Mount Size Flight Controller Mount Size ESC Mount Size
30.5 x 30.5mm 30.5 x 30.5mm 30.5 x 30.5mm
25.5 x 25.5mm 25.5 x 25.5mm 25.5 x 25.5mm
20 x 20mm 20 x 20mm 20 x 20mm
16 x 16mm 16 x 16mm 16 x 16mm
Frame Camera Mount FPV Camera Size
Nano - 14mm Nano - 14mm
Micro - 19mm (DJI - 20mm) Micro - 19mm (DJI - 20mm)
Mini - 21mm Mini - 21mm
Full - 28mm Full - 28mm
VTX Antenna Connector Antenna Connector

Some physical dimension constraints are currently not checked, including whether frames have multiple mounts and the available space around frame mounts. Electronics constraints are currently not checked, including ESC, antenna frequency and polarization.

We're currently working to make compatibility even better! New features will always be detailed in our changelogs.

What to expect for compatibility in future updates:

  • ESC compatibility
  • Segment motor stator size for more accurate compatibility results
  • Segment micro and tiny quads for more accurate compatibility results
  • Motor volume, total all-up weight, motor thrust requirement calculations

So what are you waiting for?! Start a build on QuadPartPicker!

Are there features you want in this tool? Email us at feedback@quadpartpicker.com

Recap of our previous updates:

1.1 - Minor updates, bugs, and user experience

Added Five33 as a retailer - You can now add Switchbacks to your builds and any other parts that Five33 offers on their site

In the Frames category, we added filters for mount size and FPV camera size

In the Video Transmitter category, we added a filter for VTXs that include a FPV camera

In the Video Transmitter category, we separated filters for HD VTXs. There's now a toggle for HDZero, DJI, and the FatShark and Walksnail systems

Quashed some bugs

1.0 - QuadPartPicker is live!

QuadPartPicker launches! Browse and pick parts, add parts to your build list, compare prices, and share your list with friends

Favorite parts and save multiple build lists by signing up for an account

See our launch issue here

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