The Best FPV Videos in April

This is our first in an ongoing series rounding up the month's best FPV videos.

The Best FPV Videos in April

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Tesla Giga Berlin FPV flythrough

April kicked off with Tesla's latest factory opening, Giga Berlin. How many minutes of flight time would it take to fly through the entire thing? πŸš—

JohnnyFPV chases a F1 car in Miami

Did they really rip a Formula 1 car through a football field? 😯

Super long range bike chase

The Dutch Drone Gods' working with Red Bull on an extremely long range setup involving a signal booster attached to a DJI Mavic at the 2022 Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ

JohnnyFPV for SailGP in San Francisco

JohnnyFPV coming in with a double banger in April. This time he's chasing SailGP boats against a foggy backdrop of the San Francisco Bay

RensenFPV bike chase at DarkFest 2022

Another incredible bike chase this month. This time by RensenFPV working with Monster Energy at DarkFest in South Africa 🚡🏻

Ninja Warrior Style Gym Flythrough

MIXLMusic's perfect single take at a Ninja Warrior-style gym πŸ…

A couple weeks ago I got to fly my Cinewhoop through an American-Ninja-Warrior-style gym and here's what I choreographed / directed / flew! from Multicopter

Quad chasing Cessna

FlyingMonkeyRC doing low passes with a Cessna 170 πŸ›¬

Smooth freestyle bando rip

What is smooth freestyle you ask? PandaRC shows us 🏭

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